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Determining Your Blogging Niche

2011 April 12
by hypnoclub

Where do you start? What topic or niche do you blog about? This is an important decision, because this choice will determine how much traffic you get to your blog, and how much money you can make from your blog.The topic or niche you select is really important. Otherwise, you can select a niche, spend many hours of effort building your blog and creating great posts, and the result is that you may get very little traffic. The lack of visitors to your blog may not be that important if you are simply blogging for fun, or for the purpose of delivering a message to a particular audience such as political in nature.But if the ultimate purpose of your blog is to create some income for yourself, if you want to be profitable, then you have to know how much interest people have in that niche, and if they have money and spend it. This two factors will really determine the success of a blog: the right niche and if money is spent in the niche.If you are blogging for fun or for passion, then select a blog topic that you are passionate about and have either a lot of knowledge or will take the effort to do the research to obtain quality information to share. Other factors to consider when selecting a blog niche for passion is:

  1. How many other blogs are already offered within that niche? and
  2. What is the vision and purpose of doing the blog?

If you want to be different from all the other blogs out there, your blog has to be different. It can be in a niche that is interesting, but it needs to have your voice, your perspective. Create a blog within a popular niche, but make sure that it is different from all the other plain, vanilla blogs out there.Isolating Your InterestsOne of the first places to start if you are new to blogging is what are you personally interested in. What are your hobbies? What do you spend money on, for fun? Think about passion – what pulls at your heart strings… possibly non-profit companies that you support? If you are going for passion, it is important to select a blog topic that you are passionate about and committed to. It will be easier to come up with ideas for blog posts as you most likely have access to a lot of written material for inspiration. The more passionate, committed and consistent you are, the more others will be drawn into what you are writing about.This bring us to your audience. Not only does the topic need to be interesting to you, but it also should be interesting to your readers. Unless you want to be the only reader of your blog, create posts that are relevant and unique and what other people want to read.Ultimately, the success of your blog will be determined by the amount of visitors to your blog and if they can connect with the message that you are sharing. Whether it is facts about a particular hobby or sport, health tips related to a specific area or a humanitarian cause, offering quality blog posts will not only attract an audience, but will entice them to keep coming back.Show Me the MoneyIn order to create a blog that will generate income, you want to first find a niche that gets a lot of traffic. And then there are few other important things to think about:

  • How much money is being spent in that niche?
  • Are there ads displayed in competing blogs and websites?
  • What are they selling?
  • What are the demographics of your target audience?
  • 17 year old kids with no money?
  • Or a 40 year old woman with a college degree who has a credit card? (I don’t know about you, but I want readers and customers that are successful in life and have credit cards!)

I cannot emphasize this enough how the combination of traffic and money being spent in a niche, are important for a successful blog. Again, if you are blogging for passion, then only pay attention to the first part of this article and focus on traffic. But if you are even thinking about monetizing your blog, then you have to consider all the things I have discussed, otherwise you will be disappointed.In summary, finding your perfect blogging niche can be summarized in three words: traffic, passion, and money. If you can only do two of the three, then go for the traffic and money. But by doing the proper research before your launch your blog, you will potentially save yourself a lot of wasted time as well as having a more successful blog.

Author: Denise Beins
Determining Your Blogging Niche

 Determining Your Blogging Niche

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